PS1 Music Hackathan


Our hackathon was held at the Vermeer center and it was my first time I was ever exposed to so much software and technology! Our team was pretty new to coding so we decided to go in the mindset of just creating something cool, and not focus on winning. What we ended up planning on making was a visual synthesizer with a ps1 controller as input. We had a team of 3 with the following roles:

    Brantly Voss: Hooking up the ps1 controller to raspberry pi and sending information to the computer.
    Me: Creating the frontend UI and visuals.
    Jacob Pratt: Interfacing the input and visual application. As well as adding synth noises.


This experience was incredible and it was so fun to have 2 straight days to work in a team to create something. We had to pull an all-nighter the first night and only got a few hours of sleep the second, but we ended completing the application! Overall it was an incredible first non-academic experience in coding.