Some videos of my best lift and exercises as well as videos that helped me a lot to progess!

My Lifts

Learning To Squat

I’m trying to really dial in my back squat. Today I focused a lot on bracing and setting before you get under the bar helped tremendously. Got work on the balance!


445 Deadlift

We are getting stronger and better at deadlift!


Almost 305 Bench Press

Earlier in the day I hit my all time PR of 295 on bench and thought I had the 305 in me! I’m sure the 305 will fall soon!


Post Surgery 405

This was my first deadlift set at 405 after my hip surgery, and my first 405 without a back brace! So happy with this new hip!!


PR 375lb Squat @ 212

This squat felt really good and I was hyped for the 375! Still need to work on my walk out and shortening my breaths, as well as my depth. Still the heaviest squat I've ever had!!


Great Videos

To Squat

To Deadlift

To Brace