Introducing RecHelper

The recreation problem solver


RecHelper is the main project I have worked on over the past year! Created as a web application designed to help recreational services, RecHelper is continually growing and evolving to continue that mission. RecHelper is currently being used by Iowa State for Personal Fitness scheduling and was used for over a year for equipment reservations.


RecHelper is currently written in predominantly Vue, Django, and Vuetify, with the client and backend completely separate from one another. When I started creating RecHelper I had very little experience in server management, so I used AWS Lambda for a serverless backend and Netlify to host my static frontend. This infrastructure worked incredibly well and allowed me to grow and learn new techniques for web development.


I am currently in a complete rewrite of RecHelper, with a focus on optimization, security, and elegance. With the hope to better help users, I decided to make three large changes: I moved RecHelper to a mono-repo so I can utilize more of the power and functionality Django provides, hosting on my own server for better optimization and control, and using TailwindCss for my styling. These transitions will make both user and developer experience more streamlined and enjoyable. I hope to continue growing RecHelper and helping as many people I can!